Taurus PT111, G2C 15rd 9mm Magazine
Taurus PT111, G2C 15rd 9mm Magazine
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These 15rd 9mm mags give you 25% more capacity than the standard 12 rounders that come with the Taurus G2C while still maintaining a high degree of concealability. Plus, more trigger time helps to sharpen skills that degrade if not religiously practiced.
 * These mags will not fit the Taurus G2S since that is the more narrow "slim" series that comes with a single-stack 7rd magazine*
These blued steel magazines are heat-treated for heavy duty use  and carry a lifetime warranty. 
The spring is made from heat-treated chrome silicone wire to resist the wear and tear of constant cycles of  compressing and decompressing, reducing chances of spring fatigue.  

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