90 Round Drum for AR-15, M-4 Carbine, & AR-180 5.56 Nato & .223Rem
90 Round Drum for AR-15, M-4 Carbine, & AR-180 5.56 Nato & .223Rem
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Item # DRUM15 

The ninety rounder for AR-15 is made of advanced high impact polymer which is rustproof and shrugs off the abuse that would destroy metal magazines. It features a clear face cover for easy round count.  The MWG 90 Rounder provides you with the finest in state-of-the-art high capacity magazine design. The 90 Rounder's innovative snail-drum design and advanced high-speed materials are combined to create a very light, completely reliable, low maintenance, high capacity magazine that will withstand a level of heavy field use that would destroy a metal magazine while weighing 33% less. 

A handy plunger-style loading tool is included, but other loaders and G.I. style stripper clips will work as well.

The 90 Rounder for the AR-15/M16/M-4 Carbine is designed for 5.56mm NATO or .223 Remington ammunition.

Empty------1.25 Lbs.
Loaded-----3.60 lbs.

7.75" (Only 3/4" longer that the standard 30 Rd. Magazine)
For Use In:
The AR-15 FAMILY OF WEAPONS, INCLUDING: AR-15, M-4 CARBINE....Also fits the AR-180

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