Chip McCormick "Power Mag" M1911 45ACP, 8rd Magazine
Chip McCormick "Power Mag" M1911 45ACP, 8rd Magazine
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Stainless Steel POWER MAG™ 8rd;

.45 8rd The Most Powerful 8rd Magazine – Simply put, the highest quality, most reliable and durable stainless steel 1911 magazine made. The POWER MAG™ is an extra-heavy-duty magazine designed to significantly increase reliability and service life, even when kept fully loaded and seated in a pistol for extended periods. Stainless steel construction. Die-controlled tolerances held to +/- .001 inches (over 75% tighter tolerances than Mil-Spec). Eleven (11) extra-powerful coils of aerospace grade Rocket Wire spring. More spring coils, more spring power, than any other 1911 8rd magazine.