Elmer Keith
Elmer Keith "The Dean of American Gunwriters"

Elmer Keith came out of the Old School, where men were men and handshakes counted. For more than fifty years Elmer keith wrote, sharing his hard-earned knowledge on guns, hunting, bullet design adn the like. From rugged hunting forays across the African plains to the ice floes of Alaska; from busting broncos to ranching, he was the real deal. His reading was on par with university literature professors and his stories to audiences often resulted in extended silences from entranced listeners, the old cowboy with the tall Stetson was a master at story craft, surpassed by few. Armed with a keen mind, courage and enthusiasm, this American Legend is truly deserving of being called "The Dean of American Firearm Writers." 6" x 9", photos, 168 pages, Soft Cover.

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