Glock Extended Slide Stop
Glock Extended Slide Stop
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Glock Extended Slide Stop, By Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Distributors introduces a superior Extended Slide Stop. Shooters will be quick to notice this offers all the same basic benefits and construction of the Glock factory part however, fit and finish are simply outstanding! Installing this part instantly converts your Glock pistol from a slide stop to a "slide release". Hit the lever and you will notice faster reloads and smoother mag changes. Perfect for recreational shooters, self defense and the serious competitor. Easy to Install or remove. Fits all 3 pin guns except *G36. (trigger pin, locking block pin & trigger housing pin) Will not fit early 2 pin models 17,17L,34. Item is electrocoated. Electrocoated items have a very uniform coating thickness without porosity. Since electrically bonded, it does not chip like a painted item would.