Factory Glock G22/G23/G24G27/G31/G32/.33 .40 S&W & .357SIG 22rd Magazine
Factory Glock G22/G23/G24G27/G31/G32/.33 .40 S&W & .357SIG 22rd Magazine
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High Capacity Factory Glock Mag for Model G22/G23/G24/G27/G31/G32/G33 .40 S&W & .357SIG 22rds

Supercharge your .40/.357 range time with the original and still the best, Glock manufactured "Big Sticks."  Its backbone is a steel-reinforced  polymer body that makes it pretty much blast  proof. An anti-tilt follower keeps the rounds straight and true along the feed path. Rear-facing numbered round count indicators allow for a visual of how many rounds are in the mag.
These mags are marked .40 but are interchangeable with Glocks chambered in .357Sig as that caliber is based on the .40 case.  These run with the popular caliber conversion barrels and carbines that use Glock .40/.357 magazines, such as the Kel Tec Sub2K.
Fits: Glock G22,G23,G24,G27,G31,G32,G33 and Pistol Caliber Conversions that use those magazines.

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