Hoppe's Bore Snake for .40 Caliber Pistols
Hoppe's Bore Snake for .40 Caliber Pistols
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Hoppe's Bore Snake "The World's Fastest GUN BORE CLEANER"

This is the World's Fastest Gun Bore Cleaner!TM This fantastic new tool will simply amaze you and with less time cleaning you'll have more time for shooting. Consisting of a brass weighted front cord for threading and pulling the bore brush which is in bedded in the tough pull-thru floss cord with an area 160 times more surface area than a cleaning patch. Drop the weight down the barrel of the breech & pull the whole thing through, the process takes only 10 seconds! ? Removes loose grit & abrasive contaminants prior to to the scrubbing action of the brush! ? Removes metal foulings! ? Cleans the bore with perfectly-sized floss providing 160 times more cloth than a patch! ? Prevents rust & corrosion with a few drops of gun oil applied to the trailing end of cord!