Model 512 Military Scope, AA Battery, 500 ...
Model 512 Military Scope, AA Battery, 500 ...

Model 512 Military Scope, AA Battery, 500 hours continious

When the situation is critical, so is the performance of your equipment. Fast, accurate target acquisition can make the difference. What separates the Holographic Weapon Sight from any other sighting system is the uncompromising combination of "heads up" speed and precision accuracy.
Anti-reflective coatings to eliminate muzzle side reflective glare signature.
Sealed optical cavity ensuring waterproof and fogproof operation.
Hardened and corrosive resistant componentry.
State-of-the-art aerospace composite material enclosing the optical cavity.
Electronics fully encapsulated in shock absorbing resin compound.

OPTICS: 1X unlimited eye relief, 100% parallax free, anti-glare & scratch-resistant. ADJUSTMENT PER CLICK: 1/2" at 100 yards. RETURN TO ZERO: Repeatable to 1 MOA after re-mounting. Weaver/Picatinny compatible. SEALING: Fogproof, Model 510 waterproof to 10 ft. LENGTH: 5" WEIGHT: 12 oz. HEIGHT: 2.25". Battery : AA 500 hours continuous.

SKU: EH512

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