U.S. Marine Corps Sniper/Scout Manual
U.S. Marine Corps Sniper/Scout Manual

The manual is actual training guide for the deadliest snipers on the battlefield, the graduates of the USMC Scout Sniper School at Quantico. Instructor lesson plans take the trainee through the finer points of sniping.

Training includes: Sniping, Care and Cleaning of the M40A1 Sniper Rifle and Equipment, Shooting Positions and Bolt Operation, Sight Adjustment, Telescopic Sight, Redfield 3X9 Variable, with Accu-Range, Zeroing the Telescopic Sight 3X9 Variable with Accu-Range, Redfield, Camouflage, Elevation and Wind age Holds, Sighting, Aiming and Trigger Control, Effects of Weather, Individual Movement, Range Estimation Techniques, Techniques of Observation, Target Detection and Selection, Range Card, Log Book and Field Sketching, Leads, Occupation and Selection of Positions, Offensive Employment, Defensive Employment, Construction and Occupation of Hides, Internal Security Deployment, Bore sighting and Zeroing M40A1 at 600 Yards, Stationary Targets, Stationary Targets Under Artificial Illumination, Moving Targets, Moving Targets Under Artificial Illumination, Unknown Distance Firing, Internal Security Firing Exercises, Marksmanship Test, Hide Construction Exercise.

Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 176
Softcover, Illustrated

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